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Warehouse, fulfillment, returns management, shipping services.
We offer what you are looking for!

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Warehouse, shipping & returns management

We have our own fulfillment department with an existing warehouse of approx. 6000 square meters in Pfungstadt. Use the advantages of an existing warehouse with shipping service for your orders: We take care of EVERYTHING for your mail order business through us, from storing your goods to shipping, returns management solutions and support. Take advantage on our ready-to-run warehouse solutions!

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Destination management - destination support

We act and trade on your behalf in Germany and the EU, so you don't have to be on site. You give us the order with power of attorney. Then we can act as representatives for your company from abroad and buy, sell, interact on your behalf! We strive for long-term business relationships and accompany you in your business career. Just contact us for more information


Ventures, financing & cooperation

We offer a wide range of e-commerce services and solutions, form an operative network for your brand or product, nationally and internationally, in order to sell them online or on other sales channels in the best possible way. We use here for SEO & other advertising methods.
We work on a multi-pillar principle to support different areas of the business at the same time.


Comprehensive e-commerce solutions - your success is our goal!


360° tours & panoramic tours

Get into the future of presentation now: Show your property, hotel, inn, museum, leisure facility, restaurant, etc., as a 3D tour 360° tour, so your guests/customers can visit your company/house virtually in advance! This can even be done with VR glasses. We only use highly professional high-end scanners and cameras! Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Showroom & virtual shops

The future of online retail has long since begun! 
Website visitors can now look around and interact in the virtual showroom themselves, the products that are provided with an info point can be clicked on and the article can be purchased directly online. We create a showroom for you! We offer you the space for this, in our warehouse or virtually!!!


Brand building - brand awareness

We create brands and grow them until awareness grows! We create a -Ready to Run- brand, including website, warehouse, customer service and support. Check out some of our own brands that can be adopted!
Contact us before you want to purchase a brand. We are at your side until you are completely satisfied!

Web shops - mobile shops, omnichannel, multi-channel and retail solutions

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Online shop, mobile shop, websites

If you wish, we can create a web shop, a mobile shop, a website for your services and products, so that you can build up a network in online trading to market your products and services. You've come to the right place if you want to set up a start-up with a website. As a solution for you, we offer fully furnished offices, already active customer service representatives, warehouse and take on other services such as shipping, fulfillment, returns management and everything else you need for your start-up.


Multichannel, omnichannel solutions

The retail trade is in danger of being overwhelmed by online trade. Most of the products are only bought online, so that the retailers can no longer survive. Are you a retailer and looking for a suitable solution?
Then you've come to the right place, because we offer you the optimal solution for multi-channel sales (multi-channel sales channels), namely the combination of your stationary trade, an online shop for your retailshop trade  360° build up in your shop with info points! Your customers can interact virtually


Product photography with turntable

Would you like to have your products photographed?
Do you have large and heavy items to photograph all around (360 degrees)?
Then you have come to the right place!
We take professional photographs of items on turntables (loadable up to approx. 200 kg).
All you have to do is send, bring, transport, or have the item sent to us in some other way and we will take care of the rest. Simply contact us for this.


Multichannel Retail

360° tour of Yanida

360° tour of Motorworld

360° tour of the Hansson shop


Our brands

Hansson Lager Bild.jpg


The expanding company Hansson International GmbH was founded in 2010 in Frankfurt (Germany) and has its headquarters in Steinbach (Taunus) near Frankfurt.

In addition to the company headquarters, we also maintain an IT department in Rüsselsheim. Our warehouse and shipping department is located in Pfungstadt.
Further offices and branches in Europe are planned.

Our trading division wants, in the long term, to bring sustainable and (as far as possible) environmentally friendly products to the market that are durable and robust. So we decided to develop professional weight training equipment, fitness equipment, boxing items, as well as polyrattan garden and terrace furniture for home use.
We also offer a wide range of e-commerce services. 
For any questions, just simply contact us!






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If you have any questions, call us on +49 (0) 6171 2777 500 or fill out the contact form.

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Daimlerstrasse 6a

61449 Steinbach/Ts.

Phone: +49 (0) 6171 2777 500

Fax: +49 (0) 6171 2777 502

IT department: in 65428 Rüsselsheim
Warehouse: in 64319 Pfungstadt 

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For inquiries:
+49 (0) 6171 2777 500

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